Kramnik -Magnus Carlsen chess blitz

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Wch chess blitz Moscow 2010 Part 1 this game



what chess set is this?

Whe Silva says:


xKrushoFF says:

0:47 why not Qg2?


of course , he had no choice game was over. he had to move king away ,
which would lose him the pawn , and then carlsen would win after promoting
his pawn to a queen and eventually checkmate

rRunner266 says:

cause of Qe5 + annoying

Patrick .Star says:

he would EVENTUALLY have to move his king away. but at that last move he
did not have to.

MissPielops says:

Kramnik resigned?

bjapan96 says:

@JAYCAPSLOCK nooo… it would be an exchange of both pawns

khariom says:

Next move: Kg2 f4 e4 Ke2 Kg3 Ke3 Kg4 pawn dies… Kramnik unhappy

Chris Lee says:

Everyone on youtube is always a genius “why not this?, why not that?” LOL

ilDancar says:

Isn’t the initial position already lost?

Patrick .Star says:

after pawn f4, black could respond pawn to e4.

Furansowakun says:

Last move of Carlsen was really strong

Vonzi0000 says:

Kramnik resigned because after Ke2 f4! wins the f3 pawn.

Crosttaman says:

It’s an unstoppable win for black

Michal Bílý says:

it would be draw if pawn would be on the side of the board (A of H file). 1
pawn in center and king is enough to push for gueen

Adrian Smajlaj says:

Carlsen is beast

Fanouriou says:

Magnus Carlsen is an amazing chess machine. He is a pride of Norway. I wish
I had 1/10 of the passion he has for the game. And I wish the Norwegian
people would treat him like the National treasure he is.

Rolando Lameseria says:

Great game, even though kramnik hold the position carlsen went to win the
match,.. Galing mo carlsen

Roby Roby Piper says:

After Carlsen’s last move, Why Kramnik didn’t do pawn in f4? The match will
be a draw, but i’m NOT sure

neighborhoodwatchman says:

59.Qc8 Qg5+ 60.Kh3 Kg7 61.Qc3+ Kh7 62.Qc7 Qf5+ 63.Kg2 h4 64.Kf2 Qg6 65.Ke2
h3 66.Ke3 Qg5+ 67.Kd3 Kg7 68.Qh2 Kg6 69.Qxh3 Qf5+ 70.Qxf5+ Kxf5 71.Ke3 e5
72.Ke2 Kf4 73.Kf2 f5 74.Ke2 Kg3 75.Ke3 Kg2 ;and Kramnik resigns in a dead
lost position with the white pieces.

Tom Rydström says:

Qe5 + i think

Tom Rydström says:


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